Es ist mal wieder soweit, PIWIK hat eine neue Version veröffentlicht. Am 28.05.10 ist die neue Version veröffentlicht worden und steht nun zum Download zur Verfügung. Neu hinzugekommen sind in dieser Version unter anderem zwei neue Reports.
Die zwei neuen Reports sind „Entry Pages“ und „Exit Pages“ – ihr könnt somit nun die eingehenden und ausgehenden Webseiten eures Blogs besser kontrollieren, d.h. über welche Seite sind die Besucher gekommen und über welche Seite haben sie die Webseite wieder verlassen. Sehr interessante Reports.

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Weitere Änderungen im Changelog:
New features in this release

  • New report: Entry pages and Exit pages. You can now see for each page the number of entrances and exits, the bounce rate and exit rate.
  • In the Pages reports (Pages, Entry pages, Exit pages) you can now click on the icon to open the actual URL tracked in another tab.
  • Added CSV exports that import well in Excel: check out the new TSV (Excel) export link.
  • Added the complete set of favicons for search engines.

Tickets closed in this milestone

  • #306 Add entry / exit / time per page URL in the Actions > Pages report
  • #426 Google CSE should appear as Google CSE in search engines result
  • #541 How to pronounce Piwik?
  • #556 Add a link to the URL in the Actions > Pages report.
  • #950 „Loading data“ position change not restored
  • #969 „Search“ functionality doesn’t apply to subtables
  • #1062 IE8 (native mode) regression: clicking on the table rows doesn’t show the sub tables
  • #1153 when config file is not writable, display a warning message
  • #1235 Update to jquery 1.4.2 and jquery-ui 1.8.1
  • #1259 sum_time_spent is not always set in API responses for some rows
  • #1283 Bing image Search
  • #1300 (X)HTML elements don’t have unique ids
  • #1322 Add a „CSV for Excel“ download link
  • #1343 Fix missing translations in CoreHome
  • #1344 Fix missing translations in Goals plugin
  • #1345 Piwik One Click Update fails with bogus error if curl_exec times out
  • #1346 Re-opening Feedback form may display previous successfully sent or error message
  • #1347 Undefined index: excluded_parameters in Action.php
  • #1348 Google images not detected anymore
  • #1350 Adding missing search engine favicons
  • #1352 Fixing missing translation in MultiSites
  • #1354 Fix missing translations in title tag of several header.tpl
  • #1359 PHP 5.1.6 errors if EXPERIMENTAL_DATE_SUPPORT enabled
  • #1360 File integrity check regression – first error discarded
  • #1364 Exclude by Cookie – configureable cookie name and path
  • #1365 Update Google Icon
  • #1367 ExampleFeedburner broken
  • #1369 Visitor Generator generates Future Visits
  • #1376 „Ignore“ cookie works only for current website
  • #1378 PHP 5.1.6 notices and errors
  • #1381 Add missing Google domains / URLs
  • #1383 Search engine update for and Yahoo! China
  • #1384 Overrideable Content-Type for Piwik_View
  • #1387 Search engines: remove duplicate and dead links