Es ist schon ein paar Tage her, dass es ein Update von Piwik gab. Nun ist es aber wieder soweit und ihr könnt euch die aktuelle Version von Piwik auf herunterladen. Wer bereits Piwik installiert hat, dem sei der Artikel „Piwik: Updaten einer vorhandenen Installation“ ans Herz gelegt.

Hier der Auszug aus dem Changelog:
Piwik Piwik 0.4.4 – October 21, 2009

New Features
#425, #904, #908 – Provide MYSQLI support
#642 – package Piwik for Microsoft Web Application Gallery
Added Norwegian and Korean translations

Piwik - Open-Source-Webtracker

Piwik - Open-Source-Webtracker

Bug Fixes
#923 – invalid XML response from UsersManager.getSitesAccessFromUser
#926 – add character encoding for the Export as Image page
#935 – re-order code to make global vars available to a plugin’s JavaScript
#942 – calendar should use server date for ‚today‘
#944 – timestamp should appear before message in log files
#945 – set session name and prefix session namespaces
#953 – API doesn’t handle default null parameters well
#954 – escape left & right brackets in URL; fixes Open Flash Chart error in some environments
#962, #963 – fix „integer“ and „float“ detection in getRequestVar(); remove „numeric“ default
#964 – fix Opera 10 detection
#974 – Swedish characters don’t show up properly in UI
#975 – reload page if user logs out in another tab
#976 – exception if session.save_path not writeable
#978 – fix %ss typo in translations
#996 – fixes message box error when deleting a website open for editing (Settings | Websites)
#999 – suppress top bar navigation links for disabled plugins
#1003 – fix problem with empty translation strings
#1005 – delete obsolete directories for users updating from pre-Piwik 0.2.10
#1007 – workaround Opera 9.22 EMCAScript engine (parser bug)
– Add IGNORE keyword to ALTER statement; MySQL in ’strict‘ mode was erroring out ‚Incorrect integer value‘.
– Fix color assignments when more than 8 items loaded in Evolution chart

Updated Catalan, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Serbian translations
#497 – Update to Zend Framework 1.9.4
#540 – adding support for plugins that define their own unit tests
#632 – move local mods to subclassed ZF classes
#749 – Login form changes
#913 – add detection for Iron web browser
#916 – update search engines list; remove some duplicates
#918 – filter out newest Googlebot
#919 – more helpful help text (Installation)
#921, #922 – Added Piwik_View::factory().
#925 – add curl & stream fallback methods to sendHttpRequest()
#929, #941 – minor css changes
#937 – set_time_limit() refactoring
#951 – remove download and outlink variable names from global.ini.php
#956 – json_encode or xml extensions required; add system checks to Installation
#957 – adding support for Tracker plugin unit testing
#958 – update the Live/Bing bot filter
#971 – Update to Open Flash Charts version 2 Lug Wrym Charmer
#995 – add bz2 and tbz2 to list of recognized download extensions in piwik.js; updated QUnit
– consistent use of Piwik_TranslateException()
– changes to isPhpCliMode()
– phpdoc updates

#759, #924, #937, #939 – We need your help translating the Installation and CoreUpdater plugins! The strings are now fully translatable. We’ve added browser language detection and a language selection drop down.

Our thanks to anush, bodo, cn_dark, feyp, hansfn, jpfle, pebosi, Glen Solsberry, and Ralf Trattman for patches.